Vacuum Sealer Consumer Reports

The process that allows a correct functionality of vacuum packaging is the extraction of air for a complete absence of oxygen, preventing it from being in contact with food for complete results that allow a healthy diet and lifestyle. But this simple task can be done in the best way if you care about getting quality packaging, for which you must have certain factors in consideration:


These are equipment that is usually sold in four standard sizes that will vary by a few centimeters according to the manufacturer.

  • You can find them in portable or handheld mode, which is usually the ideal to take on a trip or to move from one place to another and to pack foods such as individual portions of meats or sausages such as ham after going through the slicer. They are small; you can give them more uses than just packing food, such as sealing documents, so they do not spoil and usually do not take up much space.
  • There is also a desktop that although they are a little larger than laptops, they are usually somewhat more efficient and you can use them many more times with plastic bags or rolls.
  • You can also find them in floor models, if you are looking to adapt them to your business or, on the contrary, you like to buy large pieces of food to pack and freeze, and even if you are hunting.
  • And also industrial models, most recommended for vacuum packaging in industries, companies or any commercial sector that requires constant use.

Suction power

Like any appliance we buy, the power is reflected in watts (W) that you will find among its features.

If you are going to make a good investment and use the packing machine regularly, then maybe among the criteria of the purchase you can include a model that has a power regulator, since it is not always necessary or appropriate to use it all but to mold it to each type of surface.

Pump capacity

This is another fundamental characteristic since it will depend on this capacity, the amount of air that is going to be extracted from the food packaging, therefore they will not be independent to the results of your food. For regular or homemade vacuum packers, the pressure of this pump does not have to be high, since if you use it for one or two servings per bag, it will usually be small and not weigh much. Now, the force necessary to apply to the food units that are to be packaged must be close to 1 atmosphere however these teams use this measurement in bars.

Easy to use

Our fourth aspect to consider is, of course, the ease of use, because if you are going to buy it, you should be able to use it without major complications at home or in your business. You should check that it is easy to use and of quality, otherwise, the bag could even open a few hours after its sealing. Choose a packaging machine that is clear and simple that has simple and perhaps advanced functions, but that is easy to understand, and without major complications, since in fact there are some that among so many functions, it is difficult to understand the main process of sealing a vacuum simple food.


Type of bag used and cost

What I told you about the bags that open hours after their sealing, may have a lot to do with the use of the equipment but also with the quality of the bag. This is important: it is essential that you know what type of bag the machine you choose uses and what each about the largest costs. This can be an aspect that makes you desist or strengthen your purchase since, although most of the packaging machines accept rolls and universal vacuum packaging bags that are economical. Usually, the equipment usually comes with some bags that will be used for the first uses and will be of the same brand of the machine.


Although I’m sure you’ll find inexpensive vacuum packing machines in the market, it’s best to find one with a standard price and good quality, since usually a very economical one could have minimum quality, although it’s not a general rule. You should always consider which party you want to take out of the product and how much you are willing to pay for good quality and durability.