Reasons We All Love Cats

Cats. Adorable creatures, we humans find so irresistible. If you admire cats and own one, or more accurately, you are owned by one, do you ever wonder why you still have one – despite cats being so demanding? There are several reasons for which cats can steal our hearts with their overwhelming cuteness.

Keep you entertained

Being around cats is one of the most significant ways to get treated. With just a few toys, a laser pointer or a piece of string, they can brighten your whole day in only a few hours.

Occupy smaller spaces

Cats are perfect pets if you own a small apartment building. They’re small and do not occupy too much space. Furthermore, they can fit into a small pet box for occasional use – for example, when travelling.

Can Be Left Alone

Cats love them me time like 24 hours every day. They do not hate you for abandoning them all day because they can take care of themselves. Just leave the milk for them, their litter box and their toys, and your absence would not be felt as much as it should.

Not time-consuming

Cats do not take up to hours of your time just for their satisfaction alone. They hate the outdoors, so you do not need to watch over them while they have their outdoor activities.


Cats are pocket-friendly. Other than the occasional pet food and doctor’s visits, spending on your cats is usually a low-budget thing. After all, all cats need are milk, litter box and a bundle of strings to make their day.

Baths – not necessary

Cats do not like the bathroom. Or bathing. They tend to keep themselves squeaky clean, and that is okay for them.

Personal rodent terminators

Your cat is your rat, terminator. Your home becomes rodent-free thanks to our bundle of goodness.

Cats love us

The cliché thing most people know about cats is that they do not like their owners and that they are rude. Yes, while I agree that cats may be different from other pets and prefer to be left alone, I know from the bottom of my heart that they love us with equal amounts of love we show to them.