Portable Ice Making Machine- Everything You Need to Know

Do you have a party at home and you have forgotten the ice? Do not worry, at Computer Today we have a solution. We present Opal, the perfect portable ice machine for your home and business that will bring your ice business comes to a boil. Although this concept is not new until now this type of equipment was quite expensive. However, this ice making machine is quite cheaper than what we can find today in the market since it only costs 399 dollars.

Opal is a machine capable of making crushed ice that has simple operation since it is designed to be used anywhere. Just fill the removable tray with water or other liquid and wait for the ice to build up.

This appliance only needs 15 minutes to make enough ice for one glass so that it can generate up to four drinks per hour. If we focus on your capacity, you can store a total of 1.36 kg of this product, for which you have to add six glasses of water.

Finally, it needs to be connected to a 120V power supply to work. As you can imagine, Opal, the portable crushed ice machine, is being a success on Indiegogo, the crowdfunding platform. And, in the absence of 24 days for the end of the campaign, has already managed to raise more than one million dollars to finance the product. This amount far exceeds the $ 150,000 requested initially. Shipments to the United States and Canada will begin in July 2016, so we will have to wait a year to see it in action. However, in the future, they expect it to be available in the entire world. None of you like a drink that should be consumed cold and at room temperature, to avoid this sad time and always keep cold what you will take, a good option is to get the best ice machine on the market.

These devices are the salvation in the house or office, if you are travelling, if you have a catering company that merits specific services or if you enjoy cold drinks. They are usually appliances used for the outdoors, although you can also have one in your kitchen. But be careful, they only make ice, they are rarely frozen, so the model that also keeps the cold is unusual. The important thing is that you have clear your needs so that, if you are already determined to buy, you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Before taking this device home, it is convenient to check the brand and what it offers. You can establish comparisons between models and select the one that is most convenient for you and that also has a low price. With the tank for three litres of water and additional connection for an external supply, this ice cube maker is suitable for commercial use. It has excellent performance both at home and in bars and restaurants.

It is capable of producing up to 20 kilograms of ice cubes per day and makes ice in the form of sheets, cubes and rectangular. It is a compact, robust device, easy to use and has a price according to its characteristics. The cube maker of the manufacturer Gino Gelati, works with the power of 185 watts, manufactures ice cubes in three sizes and produces one kilo per batch.

It is a stainless steel device, with the automatic shutdown, whose digital panel allows you to control everything with just a few buttons. It is robust, resistant and highly portable. It is not cheap, but it is an efficient and high-capacity product that fully fulfills its function. It is a functional, silent device, with a production cycle that goes from 6 to 13 minutes and with the option to make ice in two different sizes. It is economical, ideal for camping and you have it available in black.