Popcorn Maker Buying Guide for Home & Business

Are you thinking of buying a popcorn machine online but you don’t know what to buy or where to start? Clearly, we all love popcorn. There isn’t a big or little kid who doesn’t want to eat the whole bowl if you put sweet popcorn or freshly salted popcorn in it.

If you want to buy this from the market, the cost will be higher and the health issue will also be a factor. To have healthy popcorn at home, you must have a popcorn popper machine. Here we will focus on popcorn machines for home and professional popcorn machines for business.

This guide would be better if you are interested in putting a popcorn machine into your existing business or if you want to start a business where popcorn is the great protagonist.



Although you may think that buying a popcorn machine may be a matter of choosing just the one you like the most or the one that fits your budget, you are entirely wrong.

In the market, there is a wide variety of popcorn machines with particular and entirely different characteristics. Therefore, before buying a popper online (either to use only at home or at a professional level), we advise you to take a look at the ratings we do below.

We will try to focus on what interests you at the time of purchase because every time you shop online you may have doubts about what you need.

Before answering which popper to buy, take a careful look at all the tips. Consider the different options and honestly answer each of the questions that may arise from each point. If you do as we say, choosing between any of the popcorn machines from the online marketplace will be much easier.

With Fat Or Hot Air

Are you reading it right? Popcorn can be made with or without oil, so you have to think about it when buying a popcorn machine for home. The popcorn that we usually eat in the cinema or in the places where they sell fresh popcorn is prepared with oil, butter, or fat (seasoning) so that the flavor and aroma of the popcorn are strong.

Fat-free, non-oil popcorn is popped open with hot air, so you don’t need either of those toppings. Although you might also like popcorn without toppings, as they come out of the machine. Think about whether flavor or calories are more important to you and consider whether you’d buy an air popcorn machine or prefer a popcorn machine with oil instead.

Source Of Heat

In this case, there are three options available. You may buy an electric popcorn maker, a dove for the microwave, or a popcorn maker for the home stove. Think carefully about what you want according to your needs, your tastes, and when choosing among the popcorn machines from the online marketplace.


The importance of the capacity of the grains in one or the other varies greatly, that’s why it needs to be taken into consideration as it is something that affects the final price. Capacity is an issue as business needs and domestic needs are not the same. A professional popcorn maker always has a good sign that can serve you better in business as well as at home.

Escape from open popcorn

Some popcorn machines have a trip where the popcorn can be popped out once opened (for all-electric and professional use), but others don’t. So you need to take into account the maximum amount of corn kernels that can be added inside, do not add 100 grams of corn in a closed machine where it only accepts 30 grams. Otherwise, it can be a disaster.