Popcorn Machine Buyer’s Guide

Popcorn is one of the most straight forward and most traditional appetizers that can be made at home. It is made from grains of some specific and distinct varieties of corn and cooked until they explode and form a spongy white mass reminiscent of a dove or a rose. They are usually seasoned with salt or with sugar, to give it a salty or sweet flavor, respectively. And children have a lot of fun, both their preparation and tasting. Let’s face it: not only do children salivate at the prospect of delicious popcorn, crispy and warm, full of childhood flavor.

The explosion of the grain requires that they are cooked in a pot with a lid, in individual bags for microwaves or in palominos or machines explicitly designed to prepare this appetizer. The consumption of popcorn is usually related to moments of relaxation and leisure especially in the cinema or at home enjoying a movie. Some sources say that it could be the most consumed appetizer in the world and it receives different names depending on where we are in the world: popcorn, roses or rosettes of corn, popcorn, crispetas, popcorn, cabritas, canchitas, gallitos, poporopo, and a long etcetera.

Today we will offer all the necessary information to select the best popcorn machine in the market or the one that best suits our budget and needs. In this process, it is essential to pay attention to the power of the machine; it’s capacity to produce popcorn, its ease of use and cleanliness and its size. There are a few aspects that must match to fit our pocket, needs or, even, the space available in our kitchen. That is, the goal is that this article will help you find the best popcorn machine for you.

Most families choose to cook them in their microwave version because they do not get dirty and they are made easily and quickly. But it is true that the taste has nothing to do with the popcorn cooked traditionally, either in a pot with a lid or in a pigeon. They say that the first machines arose at the end of the 19th century and were soon covered in a fun way to attract the public on the street, especially children. Today many manufacturers maintain in their designs the fun spirit of those classic machines. On the one hand, they remain attractive to the public and, on the other, they adjust to the vintage trend of recent years.

The offer in the market is varied and extensive. So I’m sure you quickly find yours. To begin with, there are two processing systems that we must choose between: the one that still uses the oil to fry the grain and the one that uses hot air to make it explode. The latter are healthier and are suitable for those who care for and monitor their food. Regarding the power, you should know that if your consumption is casual and familiar, you will be enough with 640 watts. But, if you need large quantities to use when you celebrate parties, events or large family gatherings, your power should not drop below 860 watts.

Regarding capacity, they also depend on the use you want to give the machine. If you want it to entertain family moments in front of the TV, we recommend a small one that you can later store anywhere. But, if you are going to produce popcorn to sell or for your events, look for one with a large container and acceptable and adequate production.

You should also look at the manufacturing and materials, which should be of good quality especially if it is stainless steel. And, if the container is transparent, it is recommended that it be tempered glass because it resists high temperatures. Check the machinery and the gears carefully, that they are light and work well and it flees of machines that take plastics because they reduce the useful life of the device.

Researched the market based on these criteria that we have pointed out and paid attention to the comments and opinions of customers and users in forums, the best popcorn machines are the following and in this order: Klarstein Volcano 50s retro cinema popcorn machine (99 €), Royal Catering – RCPS-16E – Popcorn machine (€ 265), Palomitera Sweet & Pop (€ 34), Obergozo PA 5000-Vintage red Palmiter (€ 32.85), Guzzanti FC 120 popcorn poppers (€ 52) ) and Domena FC 140, 230V (€ 70.66).

The best option is the first because it is the best valued by users for having a production capacity of 60-liter popcorn, 300 watts of power and a vintage look. But, any of the other five options, is also within our selection as the best popcorn machine.