Paper Shredder For Small Business

Everything that contains a signature, account numbers or other confidential business information must be shredded. Paper shredders have become an absolute necessity to help prevent private data from falling into the wrong hands. However, choosing the best paper shredder for your needs can be confusing. Our document shredder purchase guide will help you decide which one is best for you.

Why Do I Need A Paper Shredder?
If certain confidential information falls into the wrong hands, the consequences can be disastrous, especially for a business. From customer data to staff salaries, companies that do not destroy confidential documents run the risk that criminals can use them against them.

What Is The Best Paper Shredder?

You may be surprised to see how many types of shredders are available. Before choosing a model, you must consider speed, capacity, price, safety, and your needs.



The Best Shredder For Companies

If you destroy large volumes of commercial documents at high speed, you will need a larger machine. Reviewing the characteristics of all the models can cause headaches, which is why we have summarized them to help you decide which professional paper shredder best suits your business needs.

Small Office Shredder

This type of document shredder is perfect for a small business of up to six people. It crushes around 250 sheets a day, with the option of inserting between 10-20 layers. Depending on the model, it can destroy CDs, DVDs, clips and bank cards.

Medium Office Shredder

You can easily shred up to 500 sheets of paper per day. It is a highly recommended model for offices with a lot of work.

Large Office Shredder

The best paper shredders for large offices can shred up to 1,000 sheets, that is, two reams of A4 per day. It can destroy 30 layers in one pass, in addition to newspapers, magazines, and CDs.

Department Shredder

They can destroy entire paper files (even cardboard covers), taking 50 sheets per pass. More full paper formats, including A3, also fit into these machines.

The Best Four Types Of Shredders

In addition to speed and capacity, another feature that you must take into account when buying a shredder is the type of cut.

Strip Shredders

They cut documents into strips, providing security for necessary documents. They are becoming less common, as security measures increase every day, but they are the most suitable paper destroyers for unimportant documents.

Shredders That Cut Transversally

They are the best destructive model for the home and office because they cut documents in two directions, so it is difficult to put them together again to read them. The higher the level of the cut, the smaller the fragment size will be and, therefore, the higher the security. They are similar to a cross-sectional shredder. As the name suggests, they cut the pieces into tiny pieces that look like confetti.

Cryptographic Shredders

If you have especially confidential documents, these machines reduce paper to the smallest particle. They are usually the ones used in governments and military operations to avoid espionage.

Analysis Of The Shredders
To help you further, we analyze several models of shredders so you can decide which shredder brand is best for you.

Fellowes Destroyers

The Fellowes Powershred® 99MS shredder is best for small businesses, ideal for an office of three to five users. I The 99MS micro-cut shredder also features Fellowes® patented SafeSense® technology that stops the shredding operation at the moment hands touch the paper entry. It is also ultra-quiet thanks to the Fellowes® SilentShred® technology. It has a 34L container and shreds credit cards, staples, paper clips and, of course, paper.

Destructive Staples

A good shredder for medium or heavy duty jobs is the 15-sheet Staples shredder. In addition to being able to shred 15 sheets of 80g / m2 paper at one time, you will not have to empty the 26.5L waste hopper until you have destroyed 750 sheets. It is a shredder that has high-security credentials, with a P-3 level.

Rexel Shredders

With high levels of safety and simplicity of use, the Rexel Auto + 100M model efficiently and efficiently satisfies your destruction needs. You only need to load the paper and click on “start.” The shredder will destroy up to 110 A4 sheets at once. It has a 26L waste container that can hold 200 sheets at a time, and the confidential documents are shredded with a security level P-5 (i.e., 2,000 pieces of 2 x 15 mm per page). The shredder can also destroy clips and staples. Thanks to its innovative technology, it avoids jams before they occur. If these models do not meet all your needs or are looking for a particular function, our full range of shredders is an excellent place to explore more. If you want to have more security or have a business and want to avoid fraud, shredders are essential. For every confidential document you file, you will probably need to delete 10, with personal or financial information. Fortunately, today’s shredders offer advanced security, so you can be sure that destroyed documents cannot be recomposed.

What Safety Features Should My Shredder Have?

Along with the performance and safety rating of your shredder, you also have to make sure you buy a safe model.
These are some of the features that you should consider.

  • Automatic start/stop
    It means that as soon as the paper is inserted into the shredder, it will begin to cut into strips.
    Likewise, as soon as a jam is detected, the shredder will stop chewing more paper automatically.
  • Reverse
    It allows sending the sheets upside down. Unblocking a jam is handy.
  • Trash bin with safety lid
    It is a beneficial complement in any shredder.
    It is a compartment with a safety lid that stops the crushing process when the container is too full.
  • Cap connected
    It will only allow the shredder to work when the