Initial Pregnancy Symptoms Week by Week

I’ll tell you about the pregnancy symptoms. I found out about the pregnancy 5 to 6 weeks or so.

Pregnant Woman Lying in Bed

5th Week

A few days before the positive result I got a pair of night “nausea scene,” it seemed that the vomit would be at any moment, I mean feeling like that. I wondered it, and I thought I get sick with stomach diseases or something typical. A positive result stated everything immediately after that began occurring from time to time nausea, nothing terrible, however. Fatigue was something unexpected. I fell asleep on the couch in the casino at the time.

6th Week

Fatigue was increasing day by day. I slept a lot. Restroom visits increased a little bit. Breasts were sore and a little swollen. Lower abdomen felt incredible pressure as if it were full.

7th Week

Nausea began to gain strength. Mood vibrancies were wild. Just got angry and endlessly at something, I do not even always know why. E.g., If the trade was boiling in my head so that I do not see what horrors I would have said if I had opened my mouth, ha-ha! None of me like that. I lost my nerves quite often (usually I do not ever). Patience dropped to zero. The man often quoted as having said that now speaks hormones. Coffee was left out altogether. Kahvisieppo (Finnish) will no longer be able to drink coffee! In a recent pregnancy, I ate candy all the time, and it is so good. Now all the sweet cloy and feel like yogurts, fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, and rye bread. Real hard thirst is also the whole time. I drink a glass or two of water at least once every 60 minutes. With food, I drink milk at breakfast and a glass of vitamin juice.

8th Week

Nausea was at its top! I suffer in bed in agony, all time, disgusted, at any position was not pleasant, I was quite powerless; I was too tired some days to change clothes and wash your face and teeth, but I was lying. The man was fortunately super wonderful; did the housework and the kind of food I could eat. I went to the pharmacy, and I said that I’m willing to try this continuation anything! The pharmacist laughed a little. Mood swings continued, cried and laughed. Dudesons (Finnish) and got to cry! Fatigue, breasts grew, and belly was swollen already at 6th week, but the weeks progressed, became more apparent swelling of the abdomen went wrong uterine growth, and swelling is a bit longer in the evenings. If I would consider a strict upper part, so the change would see clearly, especially when I have always been slim.

9th Week

The worst nausea closed by the defender’s bracelet. Even so, I cannot get out of bed without having eaten the first yogurt. If I should sleep more than nine, morning sickness strikes evil. It helps to breakfast. I eat every couple of hours, something small so that the worst of nausea remains at bay.

Fatigue continues. Restroom visits have increased a lot, especially at night. It is stressful when you have to get to the bathroom just when you have fallen asleep. Today I wake up at night a couple of times, and when I’ve been to the toilet, I cannot sleep, but as soon as I wondered all kinds. I’ve gotten to see some strange dreams. The night before last saw the light blue sleep with a female voice said “baby boy.” When I told this to the man, he was excited! Would like to see the boy so hard It was reportedly assured prefix. Constant thirst has been throughout the first couple of months of pregnancy.

This was currently up to now the physiological state symptoms. Symptoms feel somehow real, and my body feels different than last pregnancies. It’s most likely a decent factor.