Christmas Business Tradition

Entrepreneurs have influenced our Christmas tradition for many years. Here are some interesting insights into how entrepreneurs can succeed at Christmas.

Christmas tree

Decorating trees is a significant part of our Christmas celebrations. The custom of having a Christmas tree at home comes from Germany. The person responsible for the Christmas tree in the UK was Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, who allowed photos to be printed around their Christmas tree in the Royal Family news report. Then everyone in the UK wants one! More than 100,000 people are now employed in the Christmas tree industry. In 2011, more than 30 million live Christmas trees were purchased in the United States alone, with a market capitalization of approximately $1.5 billion. Also, 9.5 million artificial trees were purchased, increasing the value of the Christmas tree business.


This red-nosed reindeer was born in 1939 to the American retail company Montgomery Ward. The company produced a reindeer Christmas story to provide promotional services to customers during the holiday season. This story is still famous today.


Do you know that the most popular Santa biscuit is Oreo? Perhaps this is because more than 9 billion pieces are sold each year. The exact date was not recorded, but at the beginning of the 1930s, the idea of leaving cookies for Santa Claus began. The naughty children used them to bribe Santa at the last minute, and the good kids used them to thank him for his hard work on Christmas Eve.

Christmas card

The earliest Christmas card designer was Sir Henry Cole, the first director of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The industrialization of the printing industry in 1840 led to the spread of Christmas cards, and since then, Christmas cards have grown into a vital holiday industry.


Christmas cookies are a great story about the creativity and determination of entrepreneurs. In the early 19th century, Tom Smith was an apprentice to a candy manufacturer in London. He liked French sugared almond sticks, wrapped in colored paper towels, and decided to launch in London. For seven years, man has been working to develop bon-bon into something more exciting, and finally, after seeing his logs creak, he thought of a bon-bon that could make pop music. He made a piece of the colored paper wrapper and placed another strip of chemicals mixed with it, which when applied, produced enough friction to create noise. He knows that the excited children of Liu Hai and the motto and poetry he inserted into the biscuits make adults happy.

Today’s Christmas and business

How about modern Christmas? There are so many the leader in measuring the online business digital world, reported that it was the most massive online consumer day in history, attracting about $1.5 billion.

It is worth noting that digital content and subscriptions have increased the most, reaching 28%. The digital economy will grow even more next year, and entrepreneurs who want to stay ahead need to be part of it, otherwise, they will fall behind.