Cheap Ice Making Machines

Looking at what are the best economical ice machines? You came to the right place! That do not mislead us. It may seem that ice as a theme is not very interesting.

However, there is a great history, very documented, on how this element of nature has become the cornerstone of a great business: that of ice machines.

The first inventors and pioneers of ice marketing did not have an easy path. They had to fight against economic impediments and a society that did not see the utility in their projects. Fortunately, thanks to them today we can enjoy the advantages of the ice machines that they offer us. It might seem that summer is over; it does not make much sense to talk about ice. And much fewer ice machines. But dear readers, nothing is further from reality. The advantages of these tools go beyond refreshing our mojitos on the beach or pool days.

What is the ice for?

For example, it is known the result of many scientific studies that indicate the ability of ice as an ally for beauty treatments. Also, among other characteristics and virtues, it serves to rejuvenate the skin, fight dark circles, effectively combat acne or be beneficial for circulation.

History of ice

Thanks to the courage and travels of the tireless Marco Polo, we know that in the Far East there were ice stores, we speak about the 11th century BC. From China, it quickly expanded to India and then to Europe, Greece and Italy, the development and subsequent sale of ice cream. Although it was during the nineteenth century when Frederic Tudor had the millionaire idea of marketing the ice in the form of cubes, it was not until the twentieth century that this element of nature began to be thoroughly studied. Although it was Tudor, who was named as the king of ice. Together with Tudor, a young doctor named John Gorrie investigated the diseases of the tropics under the hypothesis that the climate was to blame for them. Your solution? A cold room with an upper space where he placed large blocks of ice, using the strategy of placing holes left fresh air. That is one of the grandparents of the ice machines. He patented it in 1851, but it did not have much reception.

What is the origin of the ice machines?

As a curiosity, to begin with, we owe everything to the imagination of Jacob Perkins the existence of ice machines. It was in the nineteenth century, specifically in 1834, when Perkins began to try to put on the market his machine capable of making ice. In 1918, the American brand Kelvinator launched the first refrigerator. And until 1952 we would not see this invention in our country. After the contribution of Slate, the first refrigerated vehicles came to light in 1930.

As an anecdote, it is worth noting that the statements of Pope Gregory XVI did not help much. “They already know how to make ice, that is to put oneself in the soil of God. Now they are going to take their blasphemous irreverence to the point of making blood. ”

Shortly before the end of the Second World War, the company of Clarence Birdseye risked being the first to rent refrigerated vans for food. They achieved nationwide distribution. To complete the normalization of the use of frozen foods in our day to day, there was no better campaign in favour of freezing food than the boom produced in the sixties, when it is made public that astronauts who go to the Moon consume frozen foods.

Types of ice today:

Traditional ice

It is very naive to think that there is only ice in the form of conventional ice cubes. That is the most common way. Its main characteristic is that it melts slowly.

Ice in nuggets

In the sanitary field, the king is ice in pips. Its softness and ease of chewing make it ideal for use in hospitals. An ice machine that makes this type is perfect for making desserts.

Ice in flakes

We can not forget the ice in scales. Its most common place is the refrigerators of restaurants and cocktails of all kinds and in all ice business. Like ice in pips, it is a type of ice easily chewed.

How is an ice machine made?

Once presented this summary about our friend the ice, it is the turn to talk about which are the best commercial ice machines. It costs to choose between a wide range of copies, the four that give a better result to our home or business of catering.

It occupies the last place given its price-quality ratio. It is expensive to pay more than 35o euros for this machine that after twenty-four hours, does not exceed five kilos of ice manufactured. It has a capacity of one and a half litre of water and another of seven hundred grams of ice.

Its strengths lie in its stainless steel finish and its modern housing prepared with alarms that warn us when we run out of the water, or the container for storing ice is full.

Comparative cheap ice Machines

Hopefully, the article has been useful for the item, and you have it more evident when deciding on a different model or brand. And for you, what is the best cheap portable ice making machine on the market?
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