How to Avoid Overeating and Weight Gain During the Holidays and Festival

When it comes to festivals and feasts, no other country on earth did not participate. The thrill is in the air; family reunions, new clothes, holidays and endless fun being strapped with them. Since there are unique delicacies for every occasion, the fridge would always be full, packed with indescribable snacks that are carefully baked to accuracy. These are also the times when you glut on sweets guiltlessly while health takes a backseat in your priorities. You must not only aware of finding the best artificial Christmas tree but also think about a proper plan of your diet in this Christmas.

Now you know that festivals will disturb your carefully planned diet and the hidden diabetes traps too do not escape your notice. But how can you refuse a bite when sweets are served all pink-yellow-brown on a platter? It is not just killing your sweet tooth, but you also fear of offending the host if you say no. So you turn off your mental calorie alarm, indulge or eat out more often than healthy. Most of the health problems trip to doctors and rigorous gymming after festivals can be evaded if you listen to your stomach.

It is the festival season and yes if you can’t be epicurean now, when will you? Let the treatment begin from your palette without depriving you of the yummy indulgence and boost up your energy level.

Few Smart Things That Can Prevent You from Overeating

  • Eat slowly and chew the cud – According to recent study women who have been eating slowly or consume 70% fewer calories than the women who eat faster.
  • Get more fiber and eat whole-grain foods – Whole grain foods can never be a foodie’s delight, but the fiber in it will balance overeating by making you feel full.
  • Increase your water intake – Water can be the mainstay of your dieting plans as it can keep your food cravings under control. Mixing it in with lemon in the morning can help you burn those extra calories too.
  • Habituate for a starter before meals – A platter of vegetable salad or a bowl of tomato soup will help you improve your digestion.
  • Eating in portions help proportion your body fat accumulation – Eating frequent portion size meals will not only let you enjoy different recipes but also promotes proper digestion.
  • Keep your hunger at bay with healthy foods – You can curb your desire to binge on junk food by grabbing fruit, a platter of salad, or cracking a few crackers when hungry.

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